VFR IFR Certification
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VFR / IFR Certification

VFR and IFR certifications have very little down time, typically completed in 1-3 hours.

VFR Certification consists of functional tests on the transponder: Power out, frequency, suppression, and reply time. The encoder (Mode C) will also be tested and matched to the altimeter.

IFR Certification consists of various tests on the altimeter including Scale Error Test typically to 20,000ft.

Additionally, the pitot static system is checked for leaks. The pitot static system is used for operation of the altimeter, airspeed indicator, and vertical speed indicator which are critical to IFR flight. In unpressurized airframes, the pitot static system must not show a drop of more than 100 feet in one minute as indicated on the altimeter during the test.

The transponder and encoder are tested in the IFR certification as well.

These certifications are vital to safety. An aircraft reporting false readings is not only dangerous, but can result in costly fines when flying in specific airspace with inoperative equipment.

Avionics / Instrument Installation and Repair

Providing fast, affordable, and reliable repair solutions is our goal for each aircraft owner.

Our Services:

  • Hassle free estimates
  • Bench repairs on equipment including Nav/Comms, Transponders, DME, Marker Beacons, Autopilots and more.
  • Custom STC avionics installations
  • 90 day warranty
  • New and used parts inventory

Our Prices:

  • $80 hr - Repair Rate
  • $70 hr  - Install Rate


One of the most common questions we get is, "Do I have to have ADS-B?" Well the fact is that starting January 1, 2020, you must be equipped with ADS-B Out to fly in most controlled airspace.

There are benefits to not waiting until the last minute to comply with the ADS-B 2020 mandate. The FAA is currently offering a $500 rebate to help owners of general aviation aircraft equip early. The last day to reserve your rebate is September 18, 2017.

We know the task of finding the right ADS-B option can be daunting for some. So don't stress it, we hold dealer accounts with most of the leading companies that are offering ADS-B solutions. let us help you choose the right solution for your aircraft.

Are you eligible for a rebate?

Eligible aircraft: Defined as U.S.-registered, fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft whose operation requires an onboard pilot, first registered before Jan 1, 2016.

Eligible equipment: Avionics that are certified to FAA Technical Standard Orders and meet the program rules (software upgrades of existing equipment are not eligible). Rebates are not available for aircraft already equipped with rule compliant ADS-B or for aircraft the FAA has previously paid or committed to pay for upgrade(s) to meet the ADS-B mandate.

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